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Exploring the East Coast (Part 1)

We planned for our trip to the east coast early this year. To say we were so excited is an understatement. The thrill was amplified by the anticipated double date with a precious couple.  However, God had a more exciting adventure in mind. They were blessed with a bun in the oven that has also brought great joy to me and hubby. Our friendship has outgrown time and distance that we consider their blessing ours too. We knew a lengthy travel time, both flying and driving, will not be ideal or convenient for our preggo friend and the baby so we decided to postpone our plans- maybe in the near future, maybe not, but definitely in His time.

While our excitement has switched over to this year’s UPC General Conference, something unexpectedly came up- another one of those undeserved blessings that led me and hubby to pursue our planned east coast itinerary. We jumpstarted our road trip with a 12-hour long drive to the Steel City- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We tried to minimize as less pit stops as possible, munching on snacks to calm our growling tummies and only heeded to the call of nature if deemed really necessary.

Two hours away from Pittsburgh is Akron, Ohio. If you are an NBA fan, you know this is Lebron James’ hometown.  We drove around his neighborhood and amused ourselves with all the beautiful mansions, greenery and flowers. 

Then finally,we arrived Pittsburgh late at night so we got to witness the pretty city lights as we entered the city on the way to the hotel. We got to driving around the following day and contrary to my initial, night-before impression and what I had actually hoped for, ‘Burgh is a lot bigger than Lexington, Kentucky. I dread driving in big cities but I also believe that it’s just a matter of getting used to. I also prefer living in a small town, opting for a laid-back over a fast-paced lifestyle. And my personal preference of raising a family also leans towards the previous. 

Hubby brought me to Monterrey Bay Fish Grotto, a restaurant overlooking the city. As soon as we were welcomed with a valet parking person, we knew that it was an expensive restaurant. Since we were both starving, we were convinced to, at least, get in and check out the menu but also agreed that we’ll just have to go out if prices are way out of our budget. Surprisingly, the meals were reasonably priced, considering the size of each serving, its mouth-watering aroma and the explosion of flavors for every bite. Bonus, their meals were mostly consisted of fish, which the waitress said, were fresh from Florida daily.

Out of curiosity, we also rode the Duquesne Incline, century-old wooden cable cars that bring passengers atop the steel city, to enjoy the best views.

Three nights and two days may have not been enough to fully discover Pittsburgh. However, we enjoyed our visit and are truly grateful for the wonderful experience. 

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