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Thanksgiving 2011

I am GRATEFUL for…

the GOD in my life-
WHO has blessed me with so much.

our FAMILIES- for all the love no matter the distance...

a good HEALTH for myself and my loved ones...

a few old  genuine FRIENDSHIPS and the few new real ones...

those from afar who are continually praying for us 
and our new church family here 
who made it all easy for us to adjust to this new-found home.

a JOB- that taught me to embrace
and be contented with all its difficulties
as much as I love and enjoy the perks that come with it.

multi-purpose TRIP to windy CHICAGO- that made us accomplish 
the renewal of our Philippine passports 
and explore the city more than what was planned

frequent TRIPs to MINNEAPOLIS- that reconnected me 
with a great friend from MUM 
through our never-ending chats, laugh trips, 
wii games, swimming, short walks, shopping and food.
I miss you, Ma’am!

quick VISIT to Nanay Linda, Crystal and Pat..

the superb 3-Oh SURPRISE  from my amazing man!

and a LOT more.


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