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I’ve been slacking again- all for the love of work.
I’ve been wrestling with two issues from different customers.
Both demanded my undivided attention,
often calling my name even in the wee hours of the night
when I’m supposed to be relaxing and refilling my vitality.

Okay, before even getting uberly exaaggg, 
all I really wanted to say is- 
But I promise to itemize as much stuff as I can 
to share/log bygone highlight of events to date.

NLT Fall Festival 2011

NLT (New Life Tabernacle) is our church family
and their existence in this expanse of the world
compensates the sometimes lonely
and tough reality of being far from our loved ones.
And of course, the warm and sincere friendships
sure made a difference in coping with the extreme cold here.

PAC is the MAN!

Photo courtesy of
Manny Pacquiao bagged an almost unbelievable victory 
against the Mexicanos’ pride, Juan Manuel Marquez, last Sunday. 
Although he did not make every Filipino 
or even fans worldwide as proud this time, 
I am one of those who believe that Pacman 
doubtlessly deserved this triumph over Marquez. 
Just because this opponent seemed to be the hardest of them all 
doesn’t necessarily mean that 
our Pambansang Kamao (National Fist)
ought to be mocked for being declared the winner. 
Go figure the ringside punch stats 
before even starting to whine 
with his overall performance or 
comparing it to his previous fights. 
I can hardly muster enough enthusiasm 
for boxing even if it is Pacman’s fight, 
neither am I an avid fan.  
However, I have enough respect for the man 
who earned more than enough merits for our country. 
And I am glad, so glad,
Pacman WON.

Our Little Friends

Pictures taken from their first visit
to what they call a Filipino house of ours.
These are the Miles and the Fancher kids.
It was challenging but fun-filled Sunday afternoon with them all.

VERY. I have to emphasize,
not just because it’s thanksgiving month
or because it’s my birth month.
Just very grateful
for everything and anything I can think of
 and all else that I can hardly remember.
Thank You thank YOU, dear Lord.

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