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Post 3 Ohhh!

Because I was born in the Philippines,
this entry is two days late and
my celebration yesterday was belated as well.
I was overwhelmed and still am
with so much joy in my heart.

The amazing man that I married
talked me into eating lunch with him at home,
RATHER than going Mexican as originally planned.
I agreed only because-
1.      I was expecting some lovely packages,
which he informed me earlier have already arrived,
and 2. He seemed flexible about postponing the Mexican plan for dinner.

The apartment smelled some YUMMY-licious seafood!
As my tummy angrily growled,
I quickened my steps
to uncover what’s for lunch…

But surprise, surprise!

Thanks to my mahal... 

Hubby sweetly prepared
a candlelight lunch.
Too ecstatic and extremely impressed
with his amorous tendencies,
I was speechless.

Hastily opened some more sweet surprises,
posed for some more shots

 and hurriedly got back to the office,
without actually opening the most awaited packages
that I went home for.

At night...
we went to church for
a revival service with the Romaines
where the Lord’s awesome presence
was evident, so sweet.

Then capped off the day with
a slice of  my red velvet birthday cake
and a toss of red grapes sparkling juice.

once again!
Thank YOU Lord,
thank you all,
 for all the L♥Ve!

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