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Officially Fall

Today is unbelievably the first day of fall. 
I am supposed to be excited with the pretty foliage of the season.

Okay, let’s just say I am… 
but really, 
the bitter cold in this part of the country, 
at this time of the year, 
makes me fickle-minded about it all.

Thank goodness for the abundance of coffee 
and tea in the break room downstairs 
that welcomes me 
with a delish aroma 
as soon as I enter the office vicinity.
Every time.

A mug of lemon-ginger tea 
pepped up with a drop of honey 
livens up my sleepy brain cells 
in the morning 
all throughout my 8-hours 
in the office.

Too much energy, 
I must say, 
that I got too captivated with my tasks 
sometime this week. 
Time went by unnoticed…

I quickly disengaged myself 
with whatever I was doing 
as soon as I realized
it was almost 2 hours 
past time to go.

It was not surprising 
to find my car 
(and only handful others) 
in the parking lot.

How about today being Friday? 
That makes life a lot better 
totally sweet.

How about some grapes,
as we welcome the weekend? 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

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Naturally Brad said...

I love your blog's design! I just started one myself for our church's website. I'm kind of new to blogging though so I'm checking out other Christian blogs to get some inspiration for design and content. Feel free to check our new blog at Sanctuary of Praise

Would love to know what you think!

donna said...

thanks & thanks for dropping by! will be visiting your church blog. :)