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The weekend that was...

Not only did I get to see my girlfriend Dinesha again 
BUT we also…

revisited the rose garden
Flowers are always lovely to me 
regardless of the color, form and smell. 
I just love flowers. 
To me, they are like girls that need TLC and 
don’t deserve to be taken for granted.  

That’s why it somehow broke my heart to see that 
most roses in the garden were consumed by bugs. 
Left me wondering...
why would somebody plant all those roses 
and not take good care of them?

went swimming
It was a quick but fun one! 
FYI- Nell, myself and Dinesha d
o not know how to swim. 
So for the most part, 
we actually just hung out 
at the shallow 3-feet part of the pool- 
listened to Dinesha’s swimming lessons, 
laughed at our tenacious attempts 
in swimming and floating 
and braced ourselves in the placid cold of the pool.

went shopping
Oh yeah, my favorite part of it all…

Let the picture speak for itself.

revisited the sculpture garden

The cherry on top of the spoon bridge 
is delectably red!

then lavished ourselves 
with some Malaysian cuisine
and went Asian grocery shopping.

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