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That pretty gold dress..

I have not been diligent to prove my love for sewing nor re-purposing clothes this year. Rather than enumerating a million and one excuses to get myself off the hook, I will attempt to make up for my lack of sewing posts this year.

My heart swelled with very sweet compliments about my outfit, especially the pretty dress, in my previous post. Contrary to what it seems, the dress did not cost me an arm and a leg. A local clothing store recently closed so the owner held a garage sale to get rid of everything. Price tags were at a whooping $5 each.
Lucky me, huh??  I thought so too, but only if I find something that would fit my petite frame…We went shopping anyway, anticipating great deals to be sent to the Philippines.  Then.. lo and behold. This pretty gold dress shyly smiled at me. I could not dare resist such beauty so I smiled back and approached her. Surprise, surprise, it is EXTRA SMALL too. I instantly fell in love! The hubby painted mixed reactions on his face the first time I showed him my new love. It was the perfect dress but unfortunately, wasn’t the perfect size.  Although I could not convince him that it’ll fit me, the very attractive price made him agree, that if all else fails, I could always resell it on Ebay. Sounded fair enough but I was decided to make the dress suit my tiny self. By hook or by crook, if I say so...
I wish I took before and after pictures of the dress but.. who had time to do so? The upper body was tad bit loose and the length wasn’t  very ideal for my height. It was too long to be a midi yet too short to be a maxi.  Sooo, for 1 and 2 above, I took each side of the torso in, through the sleeves, by approximately an inch.  I love how the skirt puffed and flared charmingly so I left it as is.. And 3, I folded the hem thrice to attain my desired and still modest length. 
I am so glad it worked out well, even when I altered the dress very quickly rather than carefully. I decline paying full price for clothing that needs alteration for my size but anybody wanting the dress can purchase it  here, not for $5 though!

And yes, there goes my little secret about that pretty gold dress.

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