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Pardon me

…for I know that I have been slacking off from blogging again.

My alibi consists of the following:

First, I was overwhelmed with what science explains to be the effects of global warming. My mind is satiated with so many thoughts but I just cannot organize them all into one sane blog entry. I am baffled with mixed emotions due to recent adversities happening in different parts of planet earth that left me undecided on what or which to blog about the past few days.

Secondly, I was busy or pretended to be with the following:

  • My job- It’s treating me fairly well and I’m grateful for it everyday.
  • DE course- I’m still struggling to overcome my laziness to catch up with the lectures and although I am able to beat deadlines of my home works, I get sleepy going through the power point notes for the midterm exam next week.
  • Car hunting- After almost a month, we got another car! It’s still a Ford Taurus only a later model and a better one at that. I so love the leather seats and the keyless entry. I wish it has a sunroof but I love it nevertheless…

That would be it and xOXo for now...

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