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Oh my, oh my…

I was reminded of hubby’s silly expression as I thought of my blog this morning. I know I swore to update this more often BUT I was again caught off guard with cramming for my final exam and…let’s just say, “work-related” stuff.

Anyhow, here I am again…hoping to blog as much as I can about everything and anything that I can remember.
SO here it goes in no particular order:


We were supposed to grab just a can of coconut milk at a small Oriental store near GFAC one Sunday. I was staring here and there at cashier’s counter when I came across “Durian $1.79/Lb.” My face lit up with glee as we exited the store carrying about a 4-pound durian. It was frozen so we ended up enjoying an all natural ice creamy durian!

Lengua de Gato (Tongue of a Cat)

These are my favorite cookies back home. I don’t dare facebooking much at work but next to blog-hopping, I recipe-hop a lot. So when I chanced upon this lengua de gato recipe, I worked on it as soon as I got home. I love cooking and so much more with baking. It’s a stress therapy for me.

Blouses and Skirts

I have been surfing/shopping for modest clothing online. Although a bit skeptical about the sizes, I eventually gave in and placed my orders. It wasn’t too bad even if I ended up with some least-favorite items. My most favorite is the long denim skirt. I love it!

UK Arboretum

We went to the Arboretum for the 2nd time this year. It was still gorgeous with the summer atmosphere this time of the year.

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